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Kuparuk, Alaska May 2001

Parker Drilling Rig
Photo 1
Parker Drilling Rig
Photo 2
Parker Drilling Rig
Photo 3

Drifting Snow
Drilling Rig in the Distance
More Drifting Snow
Miles & miles of
flat tundra.

Miles & miles of flat tundra.

Poor visibility caused from blowing snow means a Phase1, Phase 2, or Phase 3!!!

Phase 1 =  1 Vehicle can travel alone     Phase 2 =  2 or more vehicles together    Phase 3 =  All vehicles must move in convoys only Nordic Workover Rig

KCC Construction Camp
Photo 1

KCC Construction Camp
Photo 2

Pipeline with a rig in the distance

Snow Removal is a
Constant Battle
More Snow Removal... More Snow Removal...

Refueling to remove more snow...

These are Well Houses. The crane you see in these pictures is a Coil
Tubing Unit working over the well houses.

More Well Houses Service Rig on the Pad Workers meet at the "Cat House" for the mandatory safety meeting.

Manifold Building 2 on 3 Baker

This is CPF3

More CPF3 in Blowing Snow Living Quarters

Located on the arctic coastal plain, 40 miles west of Prudhoe Bay, 400 miles north of Fairbanks.  Kuparuk is also the ARCO Alaska base camp for the second largest oil field in the United States.
  • TRANSPORTATION: Charter plane or gravel road from Prudhoe Bay. Airstrip 0.5 mile from camp is not open to private aircraft; state operated airport at Deadhorse is available.
  • POPULATION:  Approximately 300 oil-field workers.
  • EMERGENCY SERVICES:  North Slope Borough Police, Prudhoe Bay; ARCO Security Officers; ARCO Medical Services.
  • CLIMATE:  Summer weather usually cool, windy & foggy but generally temperatures can reach 70 degrees in the summer. Winters are very very cold, dark and windy. In the summer when the wind isn't blowing, bugs can be horrendous.
  • VISITOR FACILITY: The land is privately leased and there are not any visitor facilities.
  • COMMUNICATIONS:  Phones, mail plane, radio, and TV. Cell Phone reception is also available.
  • FREIGHT:  Arrives by truck, cargo plane or barge.




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